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It is essential that every art student needs a parent's support.

Updated: Jan 13

A few days back, I took a drawing & animation course in one of the known institutions. At the end of the course, one student come to me & started crying. I asked & in return, a student mentioned “I am afraid with paper & pencil”. I was a bit surprised because that particular student has good drawing skills.

I continued the dialogue and tried to understand the real cause. After some dialogue, I realized the student is not getting enough appreciation from parents!! In my opinion, appreciation played a very vital role when it comes to art. As a human small appreciation also boosts confidence & motivates new creative work & when it comes to students I think it is more important because they are learning, exploring & experimenting with new things. Though if they go wrong, small motivation & appreciation bring them back on the right track.

I am doing a few simple things to appreciate any art student. I eagerly listen to their ideas with good eye contact, to give a feel of yes, I am with them & the idea is interesting. Also, many times I ask them questions when they present their art or animation. Which helps them to go deeper & they got the feel of someone is there with them. I believe these acts motivate them & boost their confidence.

It is important to motivate your children and help them reach their full potential. Be their biggest cheerleader and help them to believe in themselves. They can achieve anything they set their minds to.

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents" -Jane D. Hull #drawinglearnings #basicsofdrawing #drawingtraining #parenting Looking for drawing training? Visit

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