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Who we are?

CSMC is a an arts centric organization committed to the spread of different art forms like  Drawing, Animation, Painting, Photography and many others. CSMC offerings primarily include arranging different activities like  training camps, workshops, lectures, webinars, competitions and event shows which we are  organizing  people who are interested to develop their skills in different art forms ranging from different age groups, educational backgrounds and professions. We have an aspiring and seasoned team of  subject experts  and trainers who are willing to share their knowledge. CSMC is working on future plans to incorporate upcoming new art trends along with traditional art forms.


Why choose Creative Skills?


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Learn digital animation

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What Parents & Students say

My kids are extremely happy to have classes with Anandji. I am tremendously pleased with what they have learned in your Academy, as you are finally teaching them drawing, sketching, painting and values can all happen with a pencil, and do so excellently as well!

The impact on their artwork which has happened since joining the Drawing class has been very good. Now that is something! I have you and your Drawing classes to thank for it, and I do profusely thank you!

Mrs. Swati Rathi, Usa

Students reaction

Video testimonial of animation workshop students.

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